Disability and Cerebral Palsy Personal Training

STAY IN MOTION specialise in working with children that are both post op SDR and pre op SDR. We have been working with SDR related children for 3 years and during this time we have built a strong relationship with our clients and families. Our techniques are encouraging and fun and we get great results. All our current clients attend Footsteps the specialist Physiotherapy centre in Oxfordshire and it is encouraging to see the way we work compliments good Physiotherapy and we find that the joint approach is the best and fastest way to move forwards.

We concentrate on strengthening the muscle weakness and increasing movement and aiding the correct movement patterns. The overall aim is help the client become as Independent as possible. All our clients are individuals the CP aspect is something we taken into consideration but it is not our only focus. We assess and work with each person and create a programme to suit their needs and that works around time constraints, space and equipment available.

Like every other Personal Training client we also give advice on nutrition to make sure they are getting the right fuel into their body to grow muscle and keep them going. We like to take every opportunity to help move each client forward and if the nutrition is not correct they are never going to allow the body to grow and develop to its fullest potential.

We believe that anything is possible with the right motivation, hard work and time.

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