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Massage Therapy has been used as part of
Health and Wellbeing since 2330 BC.

Everyone has their own reason for having a massage, but they usually always fall into one of the following categories:


Sometimes our mind and bodies have become DISCONNECTED from each other. This is when you need to feel Grounded, Centred, Balanced and Focused.

Time Out:

STRESS and ANXIETY is one of the major health issues of our society today and when left unchecked can result in MAJOR Illnesses. This is when you feel the need for some "ME" time, to feel soothed and some TLC.

Structural Release:

PAINS and DISCOMFORT can be caused by many things, sometimes you feel like our body is a suit that has shrunk and does not fit anymore. This is when you look to become PAIN FREE, Released, to get your Mobility back and Regain some of the Energy trapped within you.


When we constantly push ourselves at home, at work, we eventually end up in a state of CHRONIC EXHAUSTION or DEPLETED. You need your reservoir to be refilled, New Energy found, or you have an empty feeling, maybe NOT SLEEPING well, or continuously cold.


Toxicity in the body can lead to all sorts of ILLNESS and DISEASE. You feel Sluggish, Bloated, Constipated, Energy is stuck. This is when you need a GOOD Health kick to restart the body and have a GOOD clear out.


This is when someone is looking for CHANGE in their LIFE. We have used Massage Therapy to help our clients, STOP smoking or an Addiction, Changes of Lifestyle, Becoming pregnant, finding a Partner, being MORE CONFIDENT, finding a NEW CAREER, being the person that they are born to be. CREATING A BETTER LIFE or themselves and their Families

Whatever your reason is... When you have a Massage at STAY IN MOTION, we tailor every single Session to YOUR needs on that particular time/day. You the client gets to choose how Deep or Light the treatment is, and if you would like Slow work, Flowing work or Fast and Zingy work... It is your Massage so you get to choose what is best for you.

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