Sports Massage

Regular Sports Massage is part and parcel of the life of all top athletes. Yet the simple truth is that everyone who makes sport and exercise a regular part of life needs it. Massage provides you with the necessary passive stretching and general 'mulching' of your muscles to ensure optimum efficiency. This is not only to reduce injury but speed up recovery.

Repair and Renew

Muscles strengthen and improve as a result of exercise. This is because our muscles rebuild themselves after the strain (and micro injury) of exercise. Massage helps your body's cells release its own anti-inflammatory and speeding up this process of repair and renewal.

Muscle injury can happen to anyone and usually happens for one of three reasons:

  • MISUSE - Overstretching or overloading of muscles caused by sudden slips or lifting too much weight
  • OVERUSE The gradual build-up of micro-traumas to muscle fibres. These can develop over days, weeks, months or even years, causing them to become tired and less efficient
  • DISUSE - 'Use it or lose it!' Muscles that are not worked regularly or properly will begin to become dysfunctional

Regular Massage will prevent the occurrence of injury and improve your overall performance in training and in competition. So you can STAY IN MOTION and achieve your goals.

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