Injury Rehabilitation and Management

I know why you are here,

Don't worry I am not some sort of weird PSYCHIC or PSYCHO..

You are in PAIN,
You are suffering from unwanted ACHES,
Your Body is not functioning the way YOU want it to be.
How it should be.
AND I can help you resolve Your
Aches, Pains, Injuries and Disfunction.

EVERYONE WILL SUFFER FROM ACHES, PAINS AND INJURIES at some point through their lives. It doesn't matter HOW you get injured... It could be playing sport, doing some DIY at home, lifting and moving furniture, or by sitting at your desk at work for 8-10 hours a day. What matters is getting YOU back to your BEST as fast as possible.. And this is what I do BEST.

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The picture below shows some of the more common conditions that I am able to treat.

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I work closely with every client to understand his or her lifestyle and how the Ache, Pain, Injury or Disfunction happened. I will conduct an initial assessment and we will then work together to provide the very best COURSE OF TREATMENT and rehabilitation. I have in-depth knowledge of many different SPORTS AND COMMON INJURIES and how to go about treating them quickly and effectively.

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