Stay In Motion - Better Life

DISCOVER how to destroy your UNWANTED STRESS, ANXIETY, WORRIES and get out of those NEGATIVE Patterns.

Empowering you to CREATE a more SUCCESS for your life in Mindset, Body, Relationship, and Business…

This Better Life programme is for those that want to make POSITIVE changes in ANY area of their LIFE.





It is for those who want to create the LIFE they DESERVE, and YES you DO deserve it….

If you follow this programme and commit FULLY, I will GUARANTEE it will transform your MIND and BODY to make you UNSTOPPABLE with our tried and tested methods.

You won’t ONLY change your LIFE for the Better NOW, but you will be able to MAINTAIN it with ALL the knowledge you will GAIN.

Imagine YOU could...

  • Lose that Unwanted Weight you have put on (it happens, right?) just my using your MINDSET
  • Be more PRODUCTIVE in your job (but spending less time working)
  • Have MORE TIME with your WIFE improving your Relationship (having MORE SEX).
  • FEEL BETTER about yourself, MORE confidence, MORE Self Belief.. (so you have the Courage to go after the LIFE you desire)
  • Have MORE Energy and Enthusiasm.. (so you can keep up with your Kids, and keep doing all those Hobbies, Activities and Sports you love)
  • Sleep Better.. (getting the rest you need to produce at a Higher level)
  • Feel Healthier, Feel YOUNGER.. (Slowing the Aging Process)
  • GET RID of those unwanted ACHES and PAINS, so you Move Easier and without DISCOMFORT or PAIN.
  • Have the COURAGE to take ACTION and go after your DREAMS


I’m not talking rubbish here my friend, you can literally make a MASSIVE difference to your whole life in the next Four weeks with this ELITE LEVEL programme.

Lets be frank though, it is highly unlikely you will be going from an Account Manager to a CEO in four weeks, but you can make SIGNIFICANT changes, to have the CONFIDENCE in yourself and start moving you in the direction of becoming who you want to be…

With my BETTER LIFE 4 Week Program you will be able to:

  • LEARN how to hit Pause and get Clarity EVERY DAY (Killing OVERWHELM) enabling you prioritise and becoming MORE Effective and Efficient with TIME…
  • Be able REFRAME Any Negative situation and find the lesson (STOPPING PROCRASTINATION), turning EVERY situation into a Positive, so that you can use it to keep moving forward and creating the Life you want, A Life of Happiness.
  • Plan and Create exercise that fits into YOUR life and that benefits your BODY EVERY DAY.. (Destroying STRESS), and FREEING you from ANY PAIN and DISCOMFORT.
  • Destroy your Self-Doubt and Insecurities EVERY DAY.. (limiting ANXIETY), Giving you the CONFIDENCE to go out there and Produce results on EVERY area of LIFE…
  • CREATE space to CELEBRATE and PRE-PAVE (Increasing PRODUCTION), enabling you to switch OFF when you need to and get the Rest and Recovery you need every night… SLEEP BETTER
  • Discover the ability to COLLAPSE TIME and DO MORE in 1 week that most do in a MONTH…
  • Get CLARITY on who you want to be…
  • LEARN how to use your MIND to get 4 times More BENEFITS from a 1 hour MASSAGE treatment than most take from a Life Time of MASSAGE treatments...

You will ALSO GET:

  • Weekly Personal Coaching sessions with me (In person or via Skype)
  • My Blue Print to Creating a Better Life.
  • 4 x 75 minute Massage Sessions (optional) but HIGHLY recommended..
  • Direct unlimited access to me via text/email/messenger to support you during the programme..

Packages Start from JUST… £150…


OR you could do NOTHING and...

  • GIVE UP on your DREAMS/DESIRES and leave it until Next Year…
  • Continue to BELIEVE THE BULLSHIT stories in your head.
  • Continue being PISSED OFF, FRUSTRATED, ANGRY (taking it out on your partner and kids)
  • Sedate the PAIN of hating YOURSELF with Junk food, Alcohol, Facebook...
  • Continue to be in PAIN, Physically, Emotionally, Energetically, Mentally
  • Wallow in a world of Self Doubt, Anxiety, Stress, Negativity and EXCUSES..
  • Wait for a MAGIC PILL to take it all away.. (because that exists doesn’t it…)

Why listen to me?

Because I know what I am are doing! I have been there and got the T-shirt..

EVERYTHING that I will be teaching you I have done and currently do MYSELF…

So I know EXACTLY how it is… I GET IT…

Due to the intensive and personal nature of the program there is always limited availability, so COMPLETE THE APPLICATION below and get on board asap.

This is what you need to do…

Click on the link and complete the APPLICATION form.

I will contact you and arrange your FREE consultation and we can see if we're a good fit for each other...


PS - Don’t forget I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with this programme..


Follow the plan to the letter…

And STILL do not SEE or FEEL a single difference after 4 weeks then I WILL give you your money back…


Apply now at

STILL not sure... I get it... Here's what others have said:-

AMBER:- "After just 2 appointments with Chris at Stay In Motion I have to say his Better Life programme has been a LIFE Changer Already!"

Alan:- "Chris has an amazing way of keeping things simple. He has helped me transform from a Stressed out, Physical wreck to a Confident, Healthier, Happier man. I live my life by 'My rules' and he has Empowered me to become the Man/Husband/Father I want to be"